by Alyssa Moore

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released November 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Alyssa Moore Memphis, Tennessee

from memphis, tn

guitar bass drums vocals whatever

things, stuff, things

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Track Name: Sweat Shine
i'll make a toast to your new black eye. i like to boast of your face sweat shine. if you're a ghost you're the good kind?
Track Name: Good Work, Paul!
i can't help but wonder. it poisions my posture.
i caved my own head in through rhetorical questions.

good work paul! you almost got me rollin' in god damn stitches.
reprisal is my best skill! open your mouth. i'll shove my fist in.
she walks away from it oh look at her she walks away from it!
she walks away from it

i love you always. you're my favorite first name
i sigh daily to make known my shame.

ventilate my sea leg rashes. commodore composed these crashes.
swimming in my salty ocean, i drown around my house, my home. man!
i walk away too much. look into this room, it's not empty enough.

i walk away too much
Track Name: Pond
there's a wasp inside of my nostril
when i snort him i can feel his feet crawl
i shoot him out straight through my eyeball
now my fingers have your number dialed

why aren't you on the phone?
every minute i puke with anxiety
are your waves all gone?
you threw them in the pond instead of at me
i can't call you wrong.
i'm so homely i deserve nothing
i can't call you wrong.
i go to sleep just to avoid waiting
i can't call you wrong.

sister's mad who knows what she's saying?
the spirit broke her bones at a very young age
they fused together but now they're out of place
i'm catatonic when i think about it

why aren't you on the phone?
come over. i'll force you happily
are your waves all gone?
you went swimming in the pond but you didnt invite me.
i cant call you wrong
i'll go home i deserve nothing
i cant call you wrong
i go to sleep just to avoid waiting

look at me now! i'm hera!
i'm on the prowl! i'm so beautiful
i want your apple
here have my clothes!
they call me photograph: overexposed

i cant call you wrong
i cant call you
Track Name: Dreaming, Waking Up
what day is it? am i awake yet? start to get it? starts to make sense? no it doesnt?

pieces by pieces

whose fault is it? the liars always lie
but im always listening
it starts to make sense
no it doesnt
Track Name: Contest
im on the back porch
scorched out from nicotine
i sing from the source
it's interesting!
made the point brilliantly!

shoot off at light speed
it takes a million years
i fall to my knees
to feel laws work here
it feels like home when they appear

by the skin of my teeth i always come up underneath
i sugar the pill cuz it is hard to swallow when i'm not fucked up
i make so much no sense i dont even try to listen

who won your contest? me i knew it!
i am the most safe and foolish
wheres my medal?
Track Name: Fleeting
he eats flesh i guess it's fine.
we'll take two with water before every meal

our lungs wont last
theyre alive but theyre barely breathing

since our heads are full of nothing
our thoughts resonate too much
every feeling feels fleeting
everybody starts to lose touch
they dont care enough

when you ask me for the time
i want to look right at a watch
but it really just goes in a straight line
we all start to lose touch
what a stupid little bunch!

this water seems to be pretty ordinary.

wash my hands with distilled water made out of posion

water is poison
Track Name: Flat Out Falters
i always thought that you were so misleading
please respect my point of view
now i know youre just the type to try and make me jealous

hints like pinpricks my skin is not think
you know that means that it hurts
mistook your tricks for being sensitive
i think that that hurts worse

my car broke down when i left your apartment
i thought it was funny you wouldnt answer your phone or your door
so i just pushed it down the street and then i decided to go to sleep
and i dont care. fuck off when you see me there

ohhhh hooo

hints like pinpricks my skin is not think
you know that means that it hurts
mistook your tricks for being sensitive
i think that means that youre worse
my body's a piece of meat i cant defeat my genes against me. im losing
youre intruding but i let you in i need to leave and drink my poision.

everyday i say the same thing: my will flat out falters under the sun
i want to blow myself up with my hydrogen

i wanna blow myself up

blah blah blah
Track Name: Breathe Funnily
i fought free will
got sick threw up.
easy to give up miserably
another sip from the wrong cup

this is a waste of my time

im on the ceiling
where is your hand when i come down?
im on the ceiling
breathing funnily
im on the ceiling, peaking
Track Name: Sorry Scent
what a sorry sight! a big pile of trash
she is molding she's so old
she is all that you have
smell her! smell her!
it's really not bad
clean your head out into her garbage bags

when i meet you i might not look happy ill be nervous

i think i will love your hair
i think i will scare you, freak you out
i must stare at the floor when god comes around
i will bore him
i wanna touch him
OH NO that is sick
isnt it?

he's somber in the sweetest ways
seething tastebuds satiated
i think that i can see through days
through my pores i feel, i hate it
taking in more

body sleeps on dust and bed
it carries such a heavy burden
look at all the skin i've shed. i could be a brand new person!
wouldnt that be grand

penny in my pocket and a god on my bed
im always staring at the floor when he's leaving
blind myself from the sight of the light from his reflection
i have him in my heart. i have a stupid song
that i sing when we're apart
the brain will slosh around
brain will slosh around

i swear i have a heart
Track Name: Unchanged
hole in one in tooth's cavity
a twinge in well being
my eyes surge with electricity

sweat like clouds
fog under the bugs
8 legs spread
feet on your cheeks
and when my vacuum cord became unplugged you just kept cleaning

rash around my neck from the rope attached straight to my telephone
lashing out through text is the best for messages to get lost caught up in nothing conversation

the furniture is arranged for next tuesday
the faucet leaks strange, everything unchanged
Track Name: Country Cartoon Drug
my ears hear lovely
i listen
stick pins in your skin

how long are your arms?
they're fragile
small wrists
loving this
strangle me with your charm

i am a cartoon. i never change my clothes
you are not real, either, imagine that, oh well!

will you come see my city?
ill feed you fresh fruit
a salubrious idiot

now this is the end
of everything
kiss you goodnight
no i dont i just pretend